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God's Holiness and the Gift of Salvation

How do we know that Enoch had sweet fellowship with the holy God? Jude tell us.

V4, Enoch, who lived in the seventh generation after Adam, prophesied about these people. He said, “Listen! The Lord is coming with countless thousands of his holy ones 15 to execute judgment on the people of the world. He will convict every person of all the ungodly things they have done and for all the insults that ungodly sinners have spoken against him.” First, he preached about judgement in the second coming of Christ.

It is very clear here, that even before the flood, Enoch prophesied about Christ’s second coming in judgment. This was before Abraham, Moses David etc. - hundreds of years. A man who preaches about the second coming must have fellowship with the holy God. He believes that there will be a judgment in which the angels and the believers as well, will have a special part to play. You will find a lot of Scripture about this.

The point is, Enoch had this strong belief about the holiness of God. He would not have preached about the coming judgement if he had no belief in the holiness of God. That is a very fundamental doctrine, the holiness of God. He is unique, He is no other. That is His fundamental attribute or character.

When we say “attribute” in its application to a person or thing—it means something belonging to a person or thing. Holiness belongs to God, that’s what He is. If that “holiness” is not there He ceases to be God.

We can give another example which pertains to the attribute of things. There are reasons why we call certain plants as a “tree.” There are some characteristics that we attribute to that thing that is why we call it tree. (it must have a trunk, be tall, have twigs, have leaves, bear some fruits, or have seeds etc)

We can transfer similar ideas to God. We shall find in Scripture that His attributes belong uniquely to Him. The reason we call Him holy is because He is no other, absolutely unique in wisdom, justice, power, presence, knowledge, etc. He is no other - meaning He is separate - He is holy

Therefore we can say, without any fear of contradiction: What He is now, He must ever be. He is the holy living God.

The holiness of God (including His righteousness and justice) is the most exalted and most emphasized attribute, because it is expressing the majesty and awesomeness of His moral nature and character. God’s holiness must occupy first of importance. There will be a judgment Day coming whether we like it or not. Most people would just ignore the fact. As believers, our only hope in life and death is the righteousness of Christ (Romans 4:16-5:1-11).

Some people asked me: “Is this pandemic a judgment or instrument of God?” This may be just the beginning of sorrows, for the Scriptures speaks of more.

The most important question is: Would you accept or reject His Son who died for your sins to give you eternal life-that is good quality of life beyond the grave?

God is holy, but by grace you can escape the eternal punishment of hell if you repent and put your faith in Christ. All by grace and by grace alone. Why not do it now? Do not delay…otherwise it may be too late.


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