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MCFA Church Camp 2022
- Family Discipleship -

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This year's Camp is in line with our last year's theme of Strengthening Families, this year we are focusing on Family Discipleship

We have used the Village Church materials Family Discipleship: Modelling and Moments from that is freely available in YouTube. 

Modelling -

Moments -

This year we have extended days that the usual church camp held, the camp starts from 11th of June until 13th of June - a 3 days 2 nights pack full of family discipleship session, family fun night, testimonies, competitive volleyball and board games and the overflowing buffet of food by our tireless Kitchen Ministry.
















Lots of fun, learning, healing and bonding in this camp.

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Topic Sessions

Session 1: Family Discipleship - Modelling


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Session 2: Family Discipleship - Moments


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Competitive Volleyball Games and Kids having great time

In between sessions there are Volleyball games. There were 4 teams that are competing for the championship. 

The winning team the Santos group!

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Kids 1.jpg

Fun Night, Testimonies and Campfire 

The traditional fun nights where each team will perform a skit, dance or song to demonstrate what they have learned from the sessions. Also there are some great testimonies and the much awaited campfire session where there is singing, bonding and the roasting of mallows and hotdogs!

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More pictures from the camp

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