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A lifestyle of Faith

Our life should be a ‘Lifestyle of Faith’. Don’t live by your feelings. Thousands of ‘good feeling Christians’ have been deceived. Let me explain in the area of salvation or justification. Let me begin by saying that our belief determines where we are going - our eternal destiny. Our behaviour determines how we will live where we are going. If you are a Christian your destiny is in heaven and your behaviour upon this earth will determine the kind of rewards and responsibilities you will have in heaven. We will reign with Christ in heaven. This means He gives us some jobs to do. Heaven is not a boring place. We have jobs to do, but we will never get tired.

The Bible gives some verses to the term “The just shall live by faith.” This phrase is really an admonition to Christians to live a life of faith in the righteousness of Jesus Christ, our Saviour. “For therein is the righteousness of God revealed from faith to faith: as it is written, the just shall live by faith” (Romans 1:17).

Jesus Christ is our righteousness. God declared us righteous and He sees us looking at Christ, although in our own merit we are wicked, filthy rags, unholy, and unlovable. Yet, Christ died for our sins (I Corinthians 1:30). All by grace!

How is righteousness received? “From faith to faith.” Righteousness is received by faith in Christ Jesus which results in faithful living. The fruits of justification must be evident in our lives (Rom.5:1-11). In answer to the question, “How are the righteous to live?” Paul quotes Habakkuk 2:4, “The just shall live by faith.” This is more than just acceptance of Christ’s righteousness for salvation. It also means a lifestyle that is characterized by faith and righteous living. Are we then going to live by feelings? Don’t be deceived.

To mention some famous words, Christians say, “I’ve got a feeling”, I’ve got an inner impression, the Lord is speaking to me about you now, I have a word from the Lord, and I’ve got a word of knowledge.” As though he has the authority from God. There are people like that, very unbalanced. As though they are closer to God than Moses in the burning bush. If a so called “prophecy” did not take place, they would say, “there is something wrong with your faith,” “you lack faith”.

I know of a guy who always says “The Lord told me.” I cannot even have a reasonable conversation with him. The conversation is limited to only four areas: weather, health, money and “the Lord told me.” That is the end of a friendly conversation. After all if God told him, that settles everything. The debate is over.

Why should I waste your time to this “new revelation?” We have a greater authority, the reliable Word of God. We have this old, yet fresh revelation sitting in our homes, sometimes just gathering dust because the Bible is not read. The more of God's Word you have hidden in your heart, the more ‘resources’ there is for the Spirit of God to apply the Scriptures to your current situation. The good ‘feeling Christians’ have no foundation. They are like a log carried by a river current into the ocean of despair. Sometimes you never see them in church anymore, sad to say.

I am not telling you a new revelation. It is properly called illumination. It is a gift of the Spirit available to everyone who spends time to read and examine the Word of God. God’s Word is a timeless principle and is relevant to the needs of everyone. Don’t rely upon your feelings. Feelings should be the result of your “faith to the facts” of God’s Word. Faith is like a muscle, please exercise it, it will grow stronger. All by grace and by grace alone through faith alone.


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