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Our Christian responsibilities

Just two weeks ago or so I encouraged everyone to concentrate on prayer, take control of our minds and count your blessings. Today, I would like to remind ourselves of our "Christian responsibilities". That is, we have been blessed by God, therefore we have to be a blessing to others. Let us ask ourselves: Who is my neighbour? Am I my brother’s keeper? Let me set the scene.

We are unsure when this virus will stop invading every corner of the surface of the earth. It has no respect for any persons regardless of race, culture, creed, social status and boundaries of nations. Some countries are already extending the enhance community quarantine and social distancing, like the Philippines.

Statistics of those who have died, sick, and struggling is truly disheartening. This virus is an invisible enemy. It may be so tiny, yet so powerful. This should remind us of our vulnerability and the brevity of life. Every powerful nation by now should have a bended knee, humbled themselves and acknowledged that there is no powerful military technology and/or weapons that can save us from this destruction. We need to pray for the ‘discovery’ or ‘invention’ of a new vaccine. God’s method of a “helping hand” is still through the wisdom and skills of his people. Let us look at ourselves whether you are in front of a mirror or in the dark--you can see how this virus has disrupted our daily work and routines. Many shops, malls, schools, private and public institutions, etc. have had to reprogram their plans and timetables.

Those of us who believe in the sovereign and wisdom of God should not be a prophet of doom, but encouragement. God is our ally to fight this invisible foe, so persevere in your prayer.

We should not allow fear to hinder us from helping others in need. This is the ‘hour’ of opportunity. Don’t cast it away in the rubbish bin of history. Let us be courageous, that in spite of the pains and death we see, let us never stop meeting peoples’ need. We are not trying to be heroes, but simply identifying ourselves to the need and pain of others; and what we do is for the glory of God. God is the rewarder, not what the world can offer. The Bible says in 1 Corinthians 15:58, “Therefore, my beloved brothers, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that in the Lord your labour is not in vain.”

If you eat at Mang Inasal restaurant in the Philippines, they offer you an option of having an “unli-rice” with just a few additional pesos. The chicken barbeque is very yummy, delicious, my wife loved it. I think in the two weeks, (we were there a few weeks ago), we ate 4 times at Mang Inasal restaurant, and I always choose the unli-rice, being a Filipino and a rice farmer from South Cotabato. I’m not sure about the world resources at the moment, but here in Australia we are very blessed in one way or another. We still have ‘unli-food’ (unlimited food) supply. When opportunity allows us to see the need of others, let us be responsible enough to extend a helping hand. Our hands should be committed, not to the ‘weapons of war,’ but to the ‘rescuing of the perishing.’

Few months ago I wrote about the death of some ‘child soldiers’ and ‘suicide bombers’. Some people with a sound conscience are against these issues. I also talked about the ‘abortion debate.’ I mentioned that in some hospitals where it is supposed to be a ‘safe and secure’ place for life, it has become a ‘killing field.’ I think it was mother Teresa who said that “in the hospital we are killing by the hundreds, they never had the chance to stand for themselves, never have the chance to see the light of day and have never seen the beauty of God’s creation”. Let us not be like Herod, as recorded in secular and Biblical history, he massacred the innocents. That is why Joseph and Mary and the baby Jesus had to flee, and became refugees.

While we have the opportunity, let us be responsible, to think twice and promote better actions.

In spite of this great ‘trial and tribulation’ facing our world today, I believe thousands of people are turning to God around the world. Let us continue to bring the message of hope through the power of the cross and resurrection of Jesus Christ. God is patiently extending His hands, offering the gift of salvation to those who believe. All by grace and by grace alone through faith alone.

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