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Natural Revelation

Please read Psalm 19. It is about the perfect revelation of the Lord. Verses 1-6 speaks about how God revealed Himself in creation. Theologians call this “natural revelation.” Verse 1 says it all, “The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament shows His handiwork.” If atheists can see the wonderful things that God has created on this earth, he has no choice but to believe in the Designer, and that Designer is our creator God. The Bible also says in Psalm 14:1 “The fool has said in his heart there is no God.” You may be an intellectual or a great scientist, but if you don’t believe in God you may have confessed there is no God. That is a tragedy.

In our travels I know there is a God who created all things and continues to sustain His creation. Every person has a story. Every nation has a history. Every generation has a legend.

In Jerash Jordan, it has a tremendous history, as archaeological ruins reveal. It reveals the amazing way the Romans built a city during their colonisation. You can see all the skills involved in such beauty, but of course in any industries their are challenges, pain and slavery involved during that time.

In Petra how awesome it is to see. The masterpieces and giftedness of the Nabataeans even before the Romans came. Even the natural beauty of that place with the rock formations and landscape, tells me that their is a Designer who maintains His creation. Even earthquakes that happen every 300 years have extended that beauty by opening up gorges and allowing people to exist in this place. The natural availability of water in that area and how the Nabataeans knew how to channel this into Wādī Musa for their irrigation purposes was outstanding.

In the desert of Wādī Rum also in Jordan but in the South, it was very dark when I went out the tent at night. It was a cloudless night and pleasant weather. It was amazing to see the stars in the heavens. It reminded me of a song “In the stars His handiwork I see.” It was awesome to see the brightness of the stars and how they twinkled. All I could say was “Praise the Lord” and “How great is our God.” The landscape and the land-forms were like those portrayed by the astronauts who went on the moon. As a matter of fact it is often used by film makers for certain scenes. Some movies being Starwars, The last days of Mars, and of course the old classic, Lawrence of Arabia. They were actually setting up a scene for another movie, I think it was “The return of the martians 2”.

The different colours of the sands were amazing and contained different minerals. The most amazing thing was that the city of Amman relies upon the desert for its water source. There are many aquifers in the desert that provide in abundance water supply for the people. The Bedouin people were so friendly, hospitable and generous. We felt so safe in Jordan.

We thank God for His grace and allowing us to see other places of His creation. It is all by grace and grace alone.

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