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God is on the Throne

Read Daniel 4:34-37. We have here a very interesting story about the experience of Nebuchadnezzar who once tried to get all the glory after building the great Babylonian Empire; but God will never give His glory to any mortal man. He was forcefully exiled in some field and lived like a wild animal, ate animal food, the grass in the field. When the time was fulfilled, (just like the prodigal son), he came to his senses. Nebuchadnezzar realised that indeed God is the King, greater than him. I reckon this was his conversion experience as Daniel 4:34-37 explains to us. God is the King of creation and He made this external, universal kingdom in which we live to be our home. Unfortunately, his material kingdom (our world) had been invaded by sin and Satan. Since the fall of man into sin we have been in constant rebellion to our Creator King-because we want to make our own world without God. Our imagination plays a crucial role in this, just like the people who wanted to build the Tower of Babel. Sin has penetrated every area of our lives-that is culturally, economically, politically, socially and spiritually. This universe which God created is gradually degrading because Satan’s demons are constantly trying to mar God’s kingdom both materially and spiritually. But in spite of the chaos, pain and suffering we witness everyday- believe me GOD IS STILL ON THE THRONE AND IN TOTAL CONTROL. So don’t despair. The Bible says, one Day Satan and his demons, and those who rejected Christ as Saviour and Lord will experience the wrath of God and total separation from God in the lake of fire, called hell. Believe it or not, the God of the Devil today, is still the same God who created him in the first place. The devil is not in absolute control; but God is, He is THE KING. The reason Jesus came to our world was to recreate another kingdom, not a material, visible kingdom, but a spiritual one. This spiritual kingdom is, in reality, a kingdom that exists within the larger universal, material kingdom. A smaller kingdom within a bigger kingdom. It is God in the person of Christ who personally rules in the hearts of every person who acknowledges Him as Lord and Saviour. Many Jews in Jesus’ days did not see it because they had been waiting for a national, political kingdom confined within the geographical boundaries of Israel. The disciples question in Acts 1:6b “Lord, will you at this time restore the kingdom of Israel?” If you read verses 7-8 you will find Jesus’ fascinating answer. His kingdom goes beyond the borders of Israel. Just like the mustard seed it will expand. His reign is in the hearts of those who loved Him in every tribe, nation, and people group in the world. His infinite Grace is touching many lives. He is the King who wants to reign in your hearts-to give purpose and meaning in your existence. He died on the Cross for you and rose again. Because He lives, you shall also live eternally. All by grace and by grace alone. Receive Him Now!

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