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It is safe to suggest that humility is one of the essential teachings Paul made in these three passages. His emphasis is “humility”. It is more implied in 1Cor. but clearly taught in Rom 12:3, 16. It seems to me that even the Christians in Rome at that time had similar problems as the Corinthians- “pride”. But maybe not with the same degree as the Corinthian Christians. However, wherever you are—“human pride exists.” To function effectively in the body- the church, everyone must try to exercise the gift of humility. Some of us struggle with that. So Paul admonished the Corinthian church because of their carnality. No doubt some were very carnal in their attitude about their spiritual gifts, misusing them and abusing them (chapter 14) in such a way to show that others were not that important.

In Paul’s “gift chapter” found in Ephesians 4 you will find similar ideas when it comes to “the functions of the body”—it emphasises “humility”Eph.4:2 says, “With all lowliness and gentleness, with long suffering, bearing one another in love.” Now we might ask: Why did Paul emphasise humility, gentleness and patience? Because, as Paul went on to say in v.4 “There is one body and one Spirit.” Paul made a similar statement is in 1Cor.12 :13.

No member of Christ’s body is more important than the others. Even though some people in the church may have more responsibilities and positions than the others, it does not mean he or she is much better than others. Why? Because in God’s perspective, even the person who works behind the scene (unnoticed) is just as important and necessary in the body of Christ (12:22-23). And we are all recipients of God’s grace. No one has the monopoly of God’s grace.

We have talked about the analogy of the human body. In your mind you have a picture of a mouth, a tongue, ears, hands, feet, eyes because they are movable and visible. But how about the hidden parts: The bones, the ligaments, the muscles, the glands, etc. You do not see them, but they are there, otherwise you are dead meat. Even though you do not see them they are all equally important to the proper functioning of the body. Do you think the tongue, the mouth, the hands, the feet could operate without controlling muscles and the all controlling brain? No!

Thus it is important to consider our walk with the Lord and how we should function in the body. Consider these questions: What is my attitude towards each member in the body of Christ? What can I contribute to the body of Christ? Remember this: We are always sustained by the grace of God in our walk with Him. And He gives us the gift of humility as we serve Him with all of our hearts. All by grace and by grace alone.

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