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Rapture - Part 2

During the rapture Christians will receive a glorified body fitted for eternity. Those who died without Christ, their resurrection will be at the end of the thousand years of Christ’s reign. The Scripture calls it the ‘resurrection of the unjust’. So there is a long gap of time between the resurrection of the just and the unjust. The resurrection of the just is to everlasting life, but the resurrection of the unjust is to eternal damnation which is, the lake of fire.

During the rapture, the living ones without Christ, will be left behind on this earth, and experience the 7 years of tribulation. There will be some who will be converted during that time. The two witnesses will be preaching using every available means for everyone to hear the gospel. They will perform mighty deeds so that people will believe. Another means is the 144,000 Jews sealed for God’s work. Many will believe, but others will also reject the offer of salvation. Tribulation is a difficult time politically, economically spiritually, but also there will be earthly and cosmic changes. There will be economic reforms and restructuring of governments. Tough time! You don’t need your cards or cash anymore. You only need a mark on your hand or on your forehead before you are allowed to buy anything. The unholy trinity-Satan, the Beast and its prophet will try to rule the world. That is what is going to happen during the 7 years tribulation. (I’ll talk about Millennium sometime later.)

While the “left behind” are suffering on earth, the church- the real born again believers, are now with the Lord in heaven and they will be given some rewards at the Judgement Seat of Christ. This glorious experience is incomparable to the suffering we temporary experience here and now. Let us think “up there” rather than “here below.” I would rather focus to my Upper Keeper than to my undertaker. Are you certain that you will be with Christ someday? There are signs about the second coming when Christ comes down on this earth, but there are no signs about the rapture. It will be sudden! When Christ will ask me-“Why would I allow you to enter into my heavens?” My only answer is- because of your grace- you died and rose again for me and I believed and accepted you as my personal Saviour and Lord. You see, all by grace and by grace alone. Please consider Him.

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