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We are God's masterpiece, a wonderful creation not an accidental evolution.

You are a direct creation of God, His masterpiece. He thought of you even before the foundation of the world. So you are very precious indeed. You may be depressed or lonely this Christmas season, but consider what the Triune God did to reach out to you. Your origin was not by ‘evolution’ or any suggested theories of natural development of forces within matter, whether organic or inorganic. The evolutionary theory suggests that man gradually developed from a lower order of being. In contrast, the Bible declares that man’s origin was due to a direct creation of God, the Creator. The theory of evolution also represents man as being the result of unstoppable, successive changes in the material forms, due to resident forces that is embedded within that matter. However the Scriptures clearly shows that man’s physical being, was not the result of physical forces within the species, but as a result of God’s creative power without any aid from any sources. Evolutionary theory also tries to show that man is the climax of development ascending through the lower forms of species, or animals. After man, there is no more higher species. But what does the Bible say? It declares that man belongs to the highest and distinctive order whose appearance into this world was a result of God’s creative action.

The evolutionary theory is totally empty. It is more of a philosophy than scientific facts. It cannot plainly explain the origin of life itself from the natural process of the nonliving things. Evolutionists cannot find or prove the ‘missing link’ connecting between the transmutation ( the form or nature of) of even two species, in spite of their unceasing scientific investigation. Over the years, evolutionist who are basically humanists, have never produced a reasonable philosophy that could provide a satisfactory answer to the purpose and meaning of life. To them, the ‘end of life’ is the beginning of one’s non-existence. However, the Bible clearly and emphatically demonstrates that a human being is the result of the immediate, special, creative and formative acts of God.

You see God is a great Artist or Sculptor. He is our great and only Creator! We were fashioned. He fashioned us because He wants us to be a part of that circle of joy which the Father, the Son and Spirit have in eternity. Are you joyful in your life? Or are you just surviving waiting for “The End.” The Bible says in 1 Corinthians 15: 19, “If in this life only we have hope in Christ, we are of all men the most pitiable” (miserable). But the good news of the gospel is: Jesus lives, He rose again from the grave, and because He lives we shall live also. There is a life beyond the grave. While we are on earth, He gives us purpose and meaning in our existence. You are His masterpiece. All because of the abundance of His grace. All by grace and by grace alone.

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