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Knowing the Greatest Artist (Part 1)

Have you ever thought of God as an artist? To be quite honest that notion has been taken for granted. I always thought of God as Father, a Builder and Architect, Designer and other masculine ideas about God. But God can do all sorts things if we talk about design, shapes, sizes, order of things, beauty, tones, colours etc. to produce splendid outcome. God has written His message to us in two books, the revelation of nature and the God-breathed Scriptures. The book by nature is not sufficient to know Him. We may know the art of God by looking through His vast creation, but not the heart of God. I am simply saying that we may know the garden, but not the Gardener. So God sent us his eternal Son in the form of a human being so that we can know Him and by knowing Him we can have eternal life. The story is recorded in a Book, we call the Bible.

In fact the many names of God mentioned in the Bible reveal His character and what He does. This is His glory. When the Trinity created all the universe the Triune God put them in its proper place which indicates there was, not only design but also orderliness of things. So we might as well ask the questions: Before the creation of all things visible and invisible-what was going on within the circle of the Trinity? Why did they decide to make man-the crowning glory of His creation, I call this- ‘God’s Masterpiece: The Beauty and the Best.’ Let us go back to eternity’s past to see where it all began; and that includes the importance of our knowledge of Him. And how that knowledge of Him would affect every area of our lives. Our only reliable source and authority is God’s Word, the Bible. Revealing Himself to us is all by grace. Grace is all we have. God’s friendship to us and being reconciled to Him is His precious gift of grace.

If you have God as your friend, you have everything. Today is my wife’s birthday. She still looks young and vivacious. She is the second best person in my life. First, is Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour. Jesus has blessed me with a wife who loves Him and is very supportive in the ministry. She is my best friend, next to Jesus. Our lives are centred on Jesus and this is the secret of our happiness. This makes me thankful and humble, because nothing in my hands did I bring or have done, but all from Jesus’ loving hands of grace. Every person can have this too, because Jesus said, “Whosoever believes…”See John 3:16, in the Bible. All by grace! (To be continued as a series)

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