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In conjunction to the ideas mentioned in the last few ‘Blessings”, I want us to gain more insight about the ‘Trinity’. Furthermore, to find the logic as to why the Triune God created man. Compared to the other things being created, man was His masterpiece, bearer of His image. We are all aware that the word Trinity is not in in the Bible, but its idea is clearly evident. It was first used by Tertullian near the end of the second century. The early leaders of the church felt at home about the use of the term and it became part of the theology of the church till the end of the fourth century. It is cardinal doctrine of the Christian faith because it is all-comprehensive and very distinct indeed, in comparison to other beliefs. Every Christian church must embrace this doctrine. This doctrine makes three affirmations: 1.) There is one God. 2.) The Father, the Son and the Spirit is each God. 3.) The Father, the Son and the Spirit is each a distinct Person. Since it has been popularised by Tertullian, Athanasius and Augustine and others it has been accepted as cardinal doctrine of the Christian faith-based the Bible. So we can be very grateful to the Christian leaders in the past whom God had used to enlighten us about the Trinity. Some may argue, especially the false cults, (sub-standard form of ‘Christianity’) that the Trinity is not a biblical doctrine. Yet there are clear indications: -- though it may be implicit in the Old Testament, but certainly explicit in the New Testament. The Trinity can only be known by special revelation-that is the Scriptures.

Why is it important to have a better knowledge about the Trinity? Because it enhances our desire to worship. I love most of the old Hymns we used to sing in the good old days, because they are not only rich in Christian history, but also rich in theology. Not like some of our songs today, it makes me shrink when we start singing them, instead of lifting my heart and voice to God in worship. Many of our modern songs are centred on oneself. Worship is focusing on God. The word ‘throne” is mentioned 46 times, in 16 chapters out of 22 in Revelation. It speaks of power, sovereignty, rule, control and authority- focusing on God. In Rev.4: 1ff John saw a door open giving him a vision into heaven. He saw something no human being had ever seen before-worship in heaven.

If you read all the Apostle’s Creed, the Nicene Creed, you will notice the importance of the Trinity. All other creeds are built up around the Trinitarian notion of God. You know why? Because we worship one God in Trinity, and Trinity in Unity. It is the very heartbeat of the Christian worshiping community. We find this when we sing the doxology and pronounce the benediction. We are able to sing and worship the Triune God, because out of the riches of His grace we were wonderfully created, called unto salvation and to live for Him forever. All by grace and by grace alone. (to be continued)

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