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COVID-19 Compliance

January 18, 2022

To:  MCFA Ministry Leaders and Volunteers


Following the directive (CHO Directions 55) from Northern Territory (N.T.) Chief Health Officer Hugh Crosbie Heggie on 13 October 2021, it is mandatory for workers and workplaces in certain settings across the N.T.

Unfortunately, worship places and churches are classified as a workplace or PCBU (person conducting a business or undertaking under WHS Act 2011), which significantly affects its workers and volunteers.

Below are considered workers or volunteers of MCFA who must be fully vaccinated of a COVID-19 vaccine in order to continue serving the Lord through their respective ministries.

·        Board Members

·        Preachers / including guest speakers  

·        Sunday School Teachers

·        Worship Leaders

·        Music team members

·        Media / P.A. volunteers

·        Rostered ushers

·        Prayer meeting facilitators (if held in Church)

·        Building contractors, including contract cleaners


In this regard, we are seeking your understanding and kind cooperation to please send a copy of your COVID-19 vaccination certificate to Michelle Ramos, MCFA Secretary. We will be keeping a register as this is a legal requirement prescribed by NT Health.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask June Cafirma, appointed COVID-19 Safety Officer, and or any of our Board Members.




MCFA Board

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