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Joy to the World

Here in Australia we often listen to the Carols by candle lights or mobile lights. We see Australians and others singing Christmas carols. This fascinates me and I wonder if some of them really understand what they were (are) singing. They sing at the top of their voices about the baby Jesus. They praise the little child, but I often wonder if they know the significant meaning of the words they are singing.

They sing “Joy to the World,” but do they really receive Jesus as their King? Have they experienced what it means to be free from the curse of sins? In the ‘Carol’ the audience sings, “Hark, The Herald Angels Sing” The words are so sweet and beautiful but, but I do pray that they would experience true reconciliation in Christ.

Another song they sing, and the theology is very sound, “come and worship, worship Christ, the newborn King,” and “Hail, the incarnate deity,” but I wonder if they really worship Him.

In Mindanao, Philippines I know of some groups who do not recognize Jesus as Lord and Saviour or God and yet they go around singing carols from house to house during Christmas season. For money? May be. It makes me laugh and sympathize as well. Why? Because it is amazing that even those who hate Jesus and reject Him, sing praises to His name and declare His glory.

God the Father loves us so much, so He sent His Son Jesus for our salvation. John 3:16 says, “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believes in Him should not perish, but have eternal life.” Jesus came to pay the penalty of our sins. He took our place on the cross. There is freedom in forgiveness, God offers that as a free-gift.

Trust Christ as your Saviour and Lord so that every Christmas and Easter could be meaningful to you. Some people are just so lonely during this season, no wonder why you hear some cases of suicide. Perhaps home alone at Christmas. Perhaps some of them have no love ones to go to. Or they have been rejected due to some unavoidable circumstances.

But please consider, as well, that Jesus is no longer a helpless baby in a manger. He walked upon this earth, He died and rose again. God the Father restored Him to His former glory. He is now the exalted King of kings and Lord of lords.

Make this Christmas meaningful to you by exercising your free choice-to believe and accept Him or just ignore and reject Him. The ball is in your hands. What is your next move? Let me remind you-it’s all by grace. God loves you! May you have a blessed Christmas!


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