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The Blessed man

Read Psalm 1:1-6. Sometimes it is difficult to know a person’s integrity and character. It is only by the evidence of their fruit that we could know them. I will begin a series based on Psalm1. Psalm 1 functions as an introduction to the whole Book of Psalms. Its theme is as big as the entire Bible, because it speaks of people, their ways of life and their ultimate destination. But placing this Psalm at the beginning of the whole of Psalms is most appropriate and significant because it invites people to live godly lives. It also provides the assurance that the righteous will be rewarded and that, in the end, God ‘knows the way of the righteous”. The life of the unrighteous, on the other hand, will not have a blessed life and will have a sad ending. This Psalm (has wisdom) contrasts to us two lifestyles. A godly person is a happy person v.1 Matthew Henry said, “Those who are truly happy are those who are holy, truly holy.”

The Blessed man is called to express joy and gratitude. This blessedness is not deserved, it is a gift of God. It is a gift of God’s grace. God declares sinners who repented of their sins to be righteous and freely grants them newness of life. The word “happy” is a good rendition of the word” blessed” provided that one keeps in mind that the condition of “bliss” is not merely a feeling. Because feelings can change, and sometimes be deceptive. So the words “Blessed is the Man” is like a formula,” because it calls (evokes, summons) for joy and gratitude to the person who consistently lives for God.

Therefore we can say, that even when the righteous do not feel happy, they are considered “blessed” from God’s perspective. Someone has said, that happiness depends upon ‘what happens’ meaning circumstances, while joy is much deeper. In other words, happiness is external, while joy is internal. Outside of God’s blessing, man is cursed, and because of that, if he does not repent, it ultimately leads to meaningless life. Ecc.1:2 says that all is vanity. So from the believer’s perspective, this is a deep-seated joy and contentment in God. He gave this to us, because of the richness of His grace.

To close this section, I must emphasise that the happiness of the godly person is promoted by two important factors: Separation from the wicked (sin) and separation unto God. Disassociation from the wicked and association with God as this Psalm indicates to us. This is all because of God’s grace, and by grace alone.

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